Blocknet All-in-One Thread

What is Blocknet?

The Blocknet is a decentralized application platform which allows for the the delivery of services between different blockchains via blockchain routing & decentralized exchange (i.e. atomic swaps). In other words, it is the Internet of Blockchains.

What is Block DX?

Block DX is the first decentralized application (dapp) built on the Blocknet protocol and the first truly decentralized exchange (DX). You can learn more about what constitutes of truly decentralized exchange here

Official Resources

Social Pages





Notable Articles


Return on Investment Calculator


  • Block DX (All Pairs)
  • Bittrex (BTC)
  • UPbit (BTC)
  • Cryptopia (BTC, LTC)
  • CryptoBridge (BTC)
  • Abucoins (BTC)
  • Coin Switch (BTC)

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